Friday, 18 January 2008

Why hello weekend, where have you been?

Phew. What a week at work. Busy, busy, busy. I am finally plonked on the sofa with a glass of merlot in my hand and Em's hyggelig v2* by my side. I have been counting the hours down to this weekend. I have a whole load of projects to start and I want to cook the Donna Hay cookie kit that I got for Christmas.

Oh, and the wonderful 'house husband' is slaving over a hot stove. It was so homely walking into the flat to the wonderful aroma of home cooking. So memory-evoking. It smells like home when I was small. I'm so lucky that N loves to cook - it does hinder my cooking skills somewhat, but I love it.

*yep - as Em is so tiny, I concluded that the hyggelig v1 would make a great mini skirt for her. So have cast on 94 st - so will see how it goes...

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