Monday, 17 March 2008

Day one

And this was only half of what I emptied from my trunk of wool. I was so productive, even if I do say so myself - and it felt good. I now have a list of every ball of wool in the flat and, to top it off, I have bagged them all up so that I can actually see what I have! It was incredibly rewarding. I even paired some balls together in order to whip up some scarfs to make some m. It took all day - although I did find time to take a couple of photos in the garden, give Tigger a tickle and finally got round to felting a jumper that has been littering the flat for god knows how long - who knows what it will become!
I rather liked the heart shape of my gardening gloves on the washing line - they were drying out having got soggy on Saturday planting out the last of our irises at the end of the garden.Oh, and I just had to buy a bunch of tulips to remind me that Spring is just around the corner, despite the squirrels trying to nip it in the bud.And now it's time for bed, albeit armed with my knitting books for inspiration. Tomorrow the crafting begins...

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