Friday, 14 March 2008

Let the de-stressing begin

I have decided to take next week off and... do nothing. Well, not entirely nothing. I shall be pottering around the flat, doing a stock take of all my craft bits, sewing, swimming and basically giving myself some much deserved 'me' time. Work has been so incredibly stressful recently. So much so that I have hardly been sleeping, let alone focusing on anything other than work.

It is funny though. When did it become such a big thing to take time out just for yourself? Most assumed I was going away to catch some winter sun. In fact, they were rather confused as to why I would take an entire week off and not go anywhere. You could see them mulling the idea around, like a boiled sweet, and the conclusion each time was that it "sounded like bliss", that it was something that they "would love to do". Maybe it's me, but with 5 weeks off a year, why on earth not?

I'm looking forward to saying hello to 'me' again. And finally having some bits and bobs to show and tell.

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