Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Echinacea anyone?

When will it end? Two days off sick and still full of snot. I have a full blown Spring cold which I think is N's sore throat in a different guise. I have, however, rather enjoyed convalescing in the first days of warm, warm sun out in the garden, with Blue for company, a steaming cup of tea and a pile of old magazines to peruse. I even dug out Em's twisted hyggelig which I unravelled and slowly began to re-knit. I did have a slight moment when I couldn't quite remember how to knit on the round, however I soon fathomed it out. I've also enjoyed having the time to soak in the amazing amount of growth that the plants are garden are putting on. It's truly amazing. The aquilegia is just romping away as are the peonies. I so hope the squirrels don't get to the flowers before we have the opportunity to enjoy them.

Sitting in the sun reminded me of being a teenager, soaking up the sun under the kitchen window, revising for my exams whilst the world went by, listening to the birds chattering with a cat dozing next to me. How nice it would be to be so carefree. No mortgage, no job. My sister is so lucky - and she gets to do it in France where the sky is bluer and a true chocolate macaroon is just around the corner. Speaking of which, I have just booked my flights for Lyon take 2!

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