Sunday, 22 June 2008

Stop press... I get to cook...

The whole point of this blog was to track my progress into becoming a domestic goddess. Oh, the irony. Alas, I am a very good sous chef. The problem I have (and no, it's not a dreadful problem) is that my husband likes to cook. A lot. It alleviates his stress. Which is great. For him.

It was my birthday this week and on the list was Tana Ramsey's 'Family Kitchen' cookbook which I discovered when I went back to my parents recently. Mum had picked up a copy and the recipes seemed fab. Not too many ingredients (Jamie!!!) combined with pleasant prose seemed just the ticket for easing me into the art of cooking. Now, I'm not a bad cook, it's just I don't get much of chance to have a go. So, armed with the new cookbook I have embarked on cooking her lamb shanks. They are currently in the oven with an hour to go and are smelling delicious. The husband couldn't help but stick his beak in, but by that point I had most of it under control. I'll give you an update tomorrow on how successful (or not!) it was!

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