Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Six quirky things about me...

As I mentioned yesterday, Love those cupcakes rather excitingly tagged me last week with the “How Quirky am I?” meme!

Here are the rules: -

1) Link to the person who tagged you.
2) Mention the rules.

3) Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about myself.
4) Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.
5) Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged.

Here we go...

1. Once I'm up, I'm up, showered and raring to go. I'm no good at lounging around in my PJs and a cloud of stink. In fact, it rather grosses me out.

2. I can't pass a cat without stopping to have a chat and a stroke. Can turn a short stroll into a rather long meander.

3. I have a memory like a sieve for films and books, and have settled myself on the sofa in front of many a film claiming not to have seen it - then the penny drops and I know exactly what's in the next scene and how it's going to end. The same goes for books - especially those that change their covers!

4. I like ice cubes in my white wine. Simple as that.

5. I often let several trains go by just so that I can get a seat on the second leg of my commute - a 5 minute underground journey, regardless of how late I am. And if someone coughs or sneezes (more often than not without their hand and/or into their newspaper!?), I hold my breath. For far too long. Which obviously results in me either having to take a deeper breath post germs or hyperventilating...

6. I also leave a little tea at the bottom of my mug (never bone china...). This is, however, not just from tea leaves at the bottom of my cup, but from dunking lots of biscuits when I was younger - custard creams and digestives to be precise and soggy crumbs at the bottom are not nice. Drives Mr M mad.

Hopefully these don't make me sound too bonkers. Am sure there are many more - Mr M could probably fill a couple of sides of A4 (that's not an invitation, if you're reading this!!).

So, if you fancy sharing your quirkisms, over to you

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Other news aujourd'hui -
  • The pud above is my mother's divine blackcurrant cheesecake - heaven in a mouthful. Made on Sunday and still going strong on Tuesday. There is now only one slice left in the flat which Mr M didn't fancy this evening so we may end up arm wrestling for it tomorrow. It is truly one of my favourites.
  • I finally cancelled my gym membership. About time quite frankly. I don't have enough time to clean the flat, catch up with those I love, let alone make the things on my list - so the idea that I would make time to run on a treadmill is ludicrous, quite frankly.


  1. What fun! I'll get onto it as soon as the hols are over and I have space to think again!
    Hurrah for you on the gym membership! Invest in a pretty bicycle instead then at least you'll have something nice to look at for your money, even if you don't get any exercise! t.xxx

  2. Thanks for playing. Ice cubes in white wine? First time I've heard of anyone doing that.(I can't bear ice in any drinks - a seventh quirky thing about me!)

  3. Fab - I look forward to reading the quirkisms. So pleased about the gym membership thing. And funny you should mention a pretty bicycle - I bought one about 5 weeks ago and am looking forward to finally getting to use it!

    Ice cubes began out of necessity - our old corner shop didn't chill their white wine and I have no patience... : )