Monday, 19 January 2009

No. 3

Hi-de-hi! Perhaps not quite as grand as Projects 1 and 2, this card was the perfect end to my week of literary loveliness and just the ticket to congratulate my friend on her new job as a copywriter. A couple of pages from a free novel, a button or two, origami paper and some lashings of glue (quite literally...a small glue explosion had to be mopped up. Ahem.) - jolly good fun though!

p.s. The little snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug cat in the last post is the cheeky Mr Blue. He is actually our neighbours cat - we've known him since he was teensy and he likes to make himself at home whenever the back door is open. I have the feeling that quite a few people around the block have similar pictures of the little monkey.


  1. thank you - you've just given me a great idea for Milo to make his teachers Valentines card :-)
    Lisa x

  2. love the card - nice idea and what's a bit of crafting without the odd explosion of glue....
    Similarly to your cat visitor we have a gorgeous black cat called Ivan who likes to make himself at home in a few of our neighbours houses too - cats are soooo cheeky don't you think???

  3. Your recycling is very, very impressive............... it all looks so fabulous............... I love this card.........

  4. Thanks so much for your great comments!

    And yes, they are cheeky monkeys. We are just servants after all!

  5. I am the lucky recipient of this delightful card and I can vouch that it looks even better in the parchment (flesh didn't sound quite right..) There is nothing more heart warming than a handmade card is there?