Monday, 26 January 2009

No. 4

A girl can never have too many pots for paper clips, pencils and pretty things. Last Christmas I got some Donna Hay goodies which came in the most scrumptious packaging. Having spent the last 12 months on the kitchen work surface looking pretty, they were starting to look a little scruffy so I thought I would spruce them up with some delicious Agapanthus wrapping paper that I had leftover and put them to good use elsewhere in the flat.

I could pretend and say that with a quick spritz of glue they were finished in no time at all. That would be a little bit of a fib. The spray glue that Mr M had bought was very effective at coating my hands in glue, and not the paper - thank goodness I did it outside. Having scrubbed said sticky stuff off my hands, I resorted to standard glue and hey presto!

If you're thinking of having a go, I would recommend using a good quality spray glue (my expectations had been that of spray mount - not gloop at high speed) and making sure the paper is flat (mine had been rolled and was therefore highly disobedient). I think some coloured pencils are called for - they would go perfectly in the smaller pot. I can hear Muji calling my name...

1 comment:

  1. ooo lovely! I am really getting a kick out of recycling/prettifying containers.
    And yup, Muji pencils are scrumptious.