Thursday, 15 January 2009

Tea and tulips on a grey ol' Thursday

Gosh, what a grey day we've had in London. Yesterday it was foggy and today it was just plain dull. A guilty indulgence was called for and it arrived in the form of dark chocolate digestives. Heaven. These beauties saw me through my university days whenever we needed to put the world to rights over a mug of tea (or gossip about the latest scandal from the night before!).
Aren't these tulips delicious? They added some much needed colour to today and made me think of blackcurrant fruit pastilles from long car journeys and the purple balls of wool that Lucy had in her bag of joy over at Attic24.
I think they would make a wonderful still life - perhaps in the style of Debbie Urquhart. I love her work - I first stumbled across her a couple of years ago and dream of owning one of her pieces one day.

Oh, and before I forget - we went to see Slumdog Millionaire at the weekend. For once I hadn't paid any attention to the hype, which often puts me off and in turn means that I miss out on lots of great films. We got the last few tickets which meant we were right at the front and despite the left crick in our necks, it was brilliant. So colourful. Go see!


  1. Hello cat, thankyou for stopping by. I love a good choccy biscuit and a cup of tea you can't beat it .
    Bertie x.

  2. great choice of biscuit - always works as a 'cheer me up'. Love finding out what your next project will be.

    (thanks also for your lovely comment on my blog)


  3. Tulips are my favourite flower and those are a gorgeous colour. I'm also partial to dark chocolate digestives. They have to be McVitie's though and, dare I say it, dipped in a cup of coffee! Hope you're having a good weekend.