Tuesday, 17 February 2009

An education

Now, I am the first to admit that I am a course junkie. I relish learning new things and, once I've taken a deep breath, enjoy meeting new people. But, oh my, I have project management overload. I thought this course would be like other textbook courses that I have been on. Write some notes, add another string to my bow. Ha! Silly me. I am exhausted. My brain aches. 12 hour days were not part of the plan. By 6pm, I am truly struggling to string a sentence together so you can imagine how I am by 8pm. Poor Mr M gets a rather frazzled wife to feed at 8:15 and then it's an early night in order to be fresh as a daisy the next morning.

I must confess that Project No. 7 may not pop up until Saturday, but it will be swiftly followed by Project No. 8. My head is buzzing with words like 'milestones', 'PID' and 'Gantt' and all craft projects have had to be pushed to one side whilst I research, schedule and, more importantly, sleep. Night, night.


  1. Hello Mrs M - delighted to meet you even though it feels rather odd to discover another MrsM!

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  3. LTC - Luckily Prince2 only popped in to say hello a couple of times. I think I might have had to call in the cavalry had it been any more!

    Mrs M - And I'm delighted to welcome you to another Mrs M world!