Sunday, 22 February 2009

W is for...

...Week. And what a week it has been. The project management course was extreme, expanding and exhausting. I hadn't realised quite how 'hands on' it was going to be and the long days were shattering. But it was entirely worth it. I met some truly inspiring people, learnt a great deal (including how to use Publisher!) and all in a setting that promotes peace and tranquility for women.

...Women. I met some amazing women on my course this week. Women that Florence B. Jack would have been proud of. I mention Florence because I picked up her fantastic book, The Woman's Book written in 1911, from our local Oxfam shop yesterday and it's just darling. More about its wise words another time.

...Weekend. Spent north of the river in Crouch End helping Mr and Mrs H with their greenhouse. Whilst the boys did the manly stuff, the girls made lunch and sampled the wine.

...Wisley. I have been badgering Mr M about going to Wisley to see the butterflies for the last couple of weeks and we finally made it this morning. It was busy, busy, busy - but that didn't deter us. We took a short cut (the benefit of Mr M being an RHS member and a frequent visitor) and fought our way into the glasshouse. I have to confess that I was expecting a few more butterflies, but I still managed to get some photos of them so all was not lost. Oh, and Mr M picked up some peas to add to his seed collection.

So, that was my wonderful week. How was yours? I'm hoping that this week will see me shifting the lurgy that I picked up last week and finding out a little more about 'everything a woman ought to know' courtesy of Florence.


  1. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog and I wanted to say how lovely it is, such nice photos and projects.

  2. Why, thank you and welcome. Will pop over to your blog and say hello! : )