Friday, 6 March 2009

Flapjacks for a Friday

We have a weekend of DIY ahead of us in the new summerhouse. We will be insulating it and, hopefully, agreeing on an external colour. The summerhouse is going to be Mr M's workshop. He did a couple of woodworking courses last year during his sabbatical and really needed somewhere sheltered to work. There is a patch in front of it which we're going to turn into a little seating area/patio with a cafe table and chairs. His 40m all-weather extension cord does have 4 socket holes, so I might just slip in there with my sewing machine when he's not looking...

As we will be on our DIY quest, we didn't want to lose any time tomorrow by popping to the shops to pick up something for lunch/dinner so I stocked up on everything this morning.

Bread - check
Ham - check
Beer - check
Crisps - check
Bits for dinner - check
Something tasty for elevenses - ah...

What better treat for our endeavours than some flapjack fingers. I found a basic recipe in this fabulous WI book and before I knew it the flat had been filled with a wonderful sweet caramel aroma. They are still cooling as I type. I obviously had to test one with my cup of tea - just to check. The jury is still out. It's probably best if I check one at 4 o'clock with another cup of tea. Just to be sure. I wouldn't want to give Mr M flapjack poisoning...


  1. ...and before you know what has happened you have to finish the tray to hide the evidence and bake another lot...

    not that I would know anything about that...


  2. Mummm they look lovely, I've been guilty of eating what I shouldn't then hiding the evidence too. Hope the diy goes well, happy painting.
    Bertie x

  3. Flapjacks definitely benefit from a long period of tasting before being given to unsuspecting eaters. It's a tough job as a baker, but someone's got to do it.

  4. Mmm...they look really tasty! Just perfect with a cup of tea after some strenuous painting.

    I hope that the weather has been outside-painting friendly for you over the weekend. It was been like a proper spring weekend this side of London - sun, wind, rain, cloud and sun again! I'm looking forward to seeing what the summerhouse looks like after your DIY!

    PS: Thanks for your lovely comments - do pop by again. Fluffy Cat says hi too and is feeling very smug about being called adorable!