Monday, 16 March 2009

No. 9

Gosh - the last project I posted was on the 3rd. Not quite meeting the project a week quota, am I? C'est la vie - the sun is shining and I have that rather carefree attitude which accompanies such glorious days. Here is project No. 9 to start the big catch up!
Domesticali posted about these fantastic kidney warming, short top/builders bum savers called Haramakis. I'd never heard of them before, but they are marvellous. Most of my tops are slightly too short (or rather my jeans are slightly too low) and I spend my life pulling my tops (not jeans...) down to keep warm. I had a couple of vest tops in the charity bag, so thought I'd have a go. Off with the top of the vest, out with the sewing machine, a little zig zag action and on it went. And I haven't taken it off!
I was a bit rushed for time, so didn't take the sides in. Instead, the top folds down like those rather funky yoga bottoms from Sweaty Betty. I have a feeling that I may be making a few more of these.


  1. I know what you mean about time slipping by and not blogging about crafty things. I wanted to write lots about crafty and homely things on my blog but haven't quite round to it yet. However, I've got a few things up my sleeve for the next week or two.

    I saw the haramakis on Domesticali too and think it's a great idea. Once I've done the winter to spring wardrobe switchover and turfed a few things out I think I'll make one. They look great and you made it look very easy.

    Thanks for visiting again - Monday so far, has been better than Sunday, but I still haven't started on the ironing! x

  2. Domesticali is a Creative Goddess so you can't help being inspired by her.

  3. If by creative goddess, Alice means 'swiped the idea cleverly from elsewhere', then that's me!

    But they are good aren't they. I am now cursing the many items that have gone to the charity shop instead of being re-purposed.