Thursday, 23 April 2009

Forget me not

I do so love these dear little flowers that spring up almost overnight at this time of year. As pretty as they are they do have a tendency to spread far and wide so, with plenty to spare, this bunch has made it into Granny's old vase on the kitchen window sill.

I'm almost at the end of my first week - more unknowns and more tourists than the last. The view of London from the 17th floor is breathtaking - particularly once the haze lifts. Helicopters look like hover flies buzzing above Big Ben, Canary Wharf and MI5. Hyde Park looks like a geometric puzzle. I've been discovering the local eateries - Patisserie Valerie, Crussh, Selfridges Foodhall... oh dear. It would be very easy to fall back into the bad habits from my City days - I dread to think how much of my salary was spent on mediocre food over the years and just how many pounds were piled on as a result. One of the perks of the new job is fresh fruit each day, which is all rather jolly. I plan to take a packed lunch each day next week - I want to make the most of park number 2 with a good book or two.

Talking of books - I've just finished Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons. Another book that I can't believe I've only just read - hoorah for book clubs and their choices! Flora, Elfine, Adam and his spiky stick. Graceless, Aimless, Feckless and Pointless. Brilliant. So witty. I'm now quickly making my way through Philippa Gregory's The Boleyn Inheritance - an enjoyable easy read. Anne of Cleves is on her way to Hampton Court for the first time - I think I might go and see if she's made it.

Night, night.


  1. Have you read The Other Boleyn Girl - I just finished it and wrote about it yesterday on my blog! Strange that! What work are you doing at the moment? It sounds intriguing - fresh fruit is a good perk! I love your photo for this entry of the forget-me-knots - beautiful! xxx

  2. I have never read cold comfort farm but read I capture the castle last winter I think its a similar type of thing.
    PS We have LOTS of forget-me-nots in our garden!

  3. Now that you have read Cold Comfort Farm you will know that you must be very careful of things that go on in woodsheds. So keep an eye on the end of the garden...that is all I am saying.

  4. We wandered around Hyde Park last Sunday and it was magical, I'm very jealous that you'll be reading and eating your packed lunch there.

    I hope the new job is going well.

  5. beautiful forget-me-nots, thanks for dropping by the blog and Spanner thanks you for the birthday wishes... ;)


  6. Congratulations on your new job, it sounds like you're enjoying yourself. And the views you have sound incredible!
    Ohhh, Forget-me-nots, aren't they gorgeous. I love their bright blue colour, and they have a wonderful old fashioned feel to them, don't they?
    Love Vanessa xxx

  7. Why hello! Hope you've had a lovely weekend.

    TCC - No I haven't, but it will be added to my reading list for 09! It is funny how many coincidences there are in the blogosphere!

    Lyn - I read 'I capture the castle' yonks ago. I think there may be more tongue-in-cheek humour in Cold Comfort Farm, although now I'm not so sure. Another book to add to my pile!

    Alice - Ooo, I do hope not! I might have to retire to my room and not let anyone leave the flat! Could get a little crowded...

    Rebecca - thank you. First week deep breaths, but so far so good. Although it takes an awfully long time to cross all of the roads to get to the park.

    Emma - welcome. Spanner is just too adorable.

    Vanessa - you're absolutely right - I think that's why I like them so much. They remind me of my grandmother's not-so-planned cottage garden.

    Have a great week everyone, and thank you for your lovely comments!