Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Happy birthday!

Huge birthday kisses to my Mum who turned 21 again today, and to Mr M for Monday just gone. Above is the rather extravagant birthday cupcake for Mr M from Selfridges - I was feeling rather guilty about not baking a birthday cake and felt that the only way to make it up was by buying the brightest, girliest looking one there. I knew I wouldn't get a look in with the lovecake, and I don't like to be left out when it comes to cake, so I had a yellow one with butterflies. Sugary palpitations. The cake temptation in Marble Arch is an absolute shocker. You'd think I'd just arrived from a desert island with the gluttony that has been demonstrated by my fine self this week. And I still have 2 days to go! Well - no cake this weekend. I'm looking forward to finishing off a couple of projects and resurrecting my Project 2009 which has been wildly neglected over the last two months. Oh, and then there are some babies to go and poke, friends to catch up with and Blue to cuddle...bliss.

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