Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Fresh air

Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday. The weather was patchy but perfectly fine for pottering about outside. We managed to fit rather a lot into our three days. An enchanted stroll around Oaks Park - an 18th century park planted in the style of Capability Brown. A meander along tree-lined streets, nosing at the houses, on the way to the garden centre. An afternoon spent in the garden clearing a huge border, chatting to the robin and Blue in equal measures. So much fresh air - I was asleep the second my head hit the pillow.

p.s. any thoughts on what might have hatched from the above? We think it might have been a baby thrush.


  1. What a lovely picture, the colours are so pretty, I would love a matching tea mug!

  2. Do robins have blue speckled eggs? I can't remember and my knowledge of such things is rather hazy! I agree with Lucylisle, such beautiful colours.

    We too pottered to a garden centre, admiring houses at the weekend. It's a lovely bank holiday activity.

    Are you looking forward to a weekend of Test Match Special? Hurrah for the British cricket season!

  3. Lucy - what a great idea. I indeed have a mug which matches!

    Rebecca - I shall indeed be tuning in to the cricket - and we might even have a proper summer for it! Mr M and I had the egg debate - I'm rubbish when it comes to these things. I tried to match them with google images... Should have paid more attention to the nature table!