Thursday, 20 August 2009

Bring on the blackberries

Whilst we were pilfering plums from the in-laws at the weekend, we also busied ourselves with collecting as many blackberries from their plentiful supply as we could fit in the ice cream box.

I love picking blackberries - it always reminds me of long bike rides with my dad to our local disused brick kilns.

Returning home with a box full to the brim, I decided to freeze half and cook down the ones that were a bit gnarled around the edges. It was only when they had started to turn to coulis that I remembered that they do like to stain things. Like the wooden spoon. And when it came to straining it through the muslin, hmmmm... ...halloween had come early!


  1. I'd forgotten how intense the color was too until I pureed them for the ice cream. Somehow they seem even more deeply purple in liquid form! K x

  2. oh dear...they must have used this as a great natural dye back in the days...on the topic of foraging - Andy, author of the Self-Sufficientish Bible, came to stay the other night and he took us on a little foraging tour - lots of Rowan berries out right now and Rose-hips for making jelly or syrup -if you fancy getting more experimental...! :) xxx

  3. Kristina - you're blackberry ice cream looked absolutely delicious.

    Thanks for the tip, Curious C - we spied a whole bush of rosehips on the way to dinner with friends last week - if only we'd been prepared!