Tuesday, 1 September 2009

C is for Cadmium yellow

Look at these - our wonderful neighbours have had a glut of yellow courgettes and squash on their allotment. And on the right is the chicken of the woods that has taken roost on top of our tree stump. It looks magnificent - like yellow velvet. It's edible apparently, but I think we're happy with it just looking pretty.

Marble Arch tube station is undergoing a bit of a refurb. They recently removed some of the poster frames to reveal some old posters. I love the typography. So simple.

The idea of continuous performances at Marble Arch Pavilion conjured up wonderful images of dresses, dancing and music.


  1. The chicken of the woods looks amazing. But I think I too would stick to looking rather than eating! K x

  2. I hope they're going to keep some of the old posters - they're lovely.

  3. Such lovely autumn colours and they look rather tasty too!

    Love the posters - I shall have to look out for them.

    Hope you're well. I've been trying to leave messages for a while and it doesn't seem to want to show them, but I've been reading and enjoying throughout the summer! x

  4. Wow that is cool about Marble Arch - that used to be my work tube station so I'm missing out now getting off at White City every day. Do you live round there? I used to go and sit on the doorsteps of posh people's houses at lunch and read my book and eat an apple. It is so peaceful down the back roads there - and the trees are stunning this time of year. A great place to escape for an hour during the working days! I think i'd be tempted to eat that chicken...if it was 100% certain it was not poisonous and tasty with a little bit of garlic in the frying pan... :) I'm such a food beast though xxx

  5. Oh! Marble Arch! It's part of the lyrics from one of my favorite songs (Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah"), but I never knew what it meant....lovely!