Thursday, 3 September 2009

E is for Ernest

These beauties arrived a couple of weeks ago and have been sitting pretty in their presentation box.

My very own pair of old-fashioned dressmaking scissors from Sheffield. Aren't they delightful? They have a great weight just like my grandmother's old pinking shears and have an air of times gone by. In fact, they're rather proper just like the name Ernest. Even more of a reason to get my sewing machine out more frequently.

All credit goes to Mr M who spotted them here.

How fitting that these should come into my possession as I read The Dressmaker. Now - as your responses were so lovely about the book, I thought that it might be rather nice to share and hold my first ever giveaway. So, if you would like to own this charming book, leave a comment before Monday and I shall get Mr M to pick a name and I'll pop it in the post to the lucky bookworm. If you have any problems leaving a comment, have no fear, just drop me an email (it's on the right) and you'll be included in the Mr M's hat!


  1. What a wonderful pair of dressmaking scissors. My mum has a pair that look the same, I must look and see who they are made by. When we were younger it would have been more then our lives were worth if we attempted to use them let alone attempted to cut paper with them!! And you are right about the name. Ernest, I babysit for a little boy called Ernest, and he is so lovely. Thank you for your lovely blog, it is alwasy such a joy to read.

    Colette x

  2. Those are lovely shears. They remind me of the wonderful pair my mum has at home. Mine are just ordinary Fiskars: not nearly so romantic!

    And I'd love to be entered in the book giveaway!

    K x

  3. Oooh I'd love to be entered in to the book giveaway!!

    Rather impressive cutting implement, I'm no where near talented enough to consider dressmaking but I have a bit of a problem with scissors.

    It stems from when I was at school and we had safety scissors, but because I was left handed, they wouldn't work for me so I could never cut properly and everyone laughed at me!! I still cut a bit wonky now but I have my very own pair of left handed scissors - the only left handed item I own because I don't normally buy in to the fact that we need different implements to the righties!!

  4. it's been a long while since I held a pair of scissors like that - proper scissors :-)

  5. ooo those scissors are proper first class scissors now aren't they? Very impressive! Will you be making lots of dresses henceforth? I'll be keen to see! xxx

  6. Dressmakers! All I seem to think of at the moment is dresses as I'm starting to look for my wedding dress. I've been to try a few on already and have another shopping adventure this afternoon, but nothing seems to be exactly what I'm looking for.

    If you only you, Domestic Novice, could throw something together using your new scissors - as I'm now wishing I'd paid more attention to my textiles lessons at school! x

  7. Those scissors are beautiful, I'm very tempted to copy you and get a pair. I'm sure it adds even more satisfaction to dressmaking to use them.

    My parents have cutlery from Sheffield, and I have inherited a large spoon that is now my "jam spoon" which I treasure. Truly well made pieces.

  8. Seriously Special Scissors - Lucky you. I'd love to be entered in the giveaway.