Saturday, 5 September 2009

G is for garlic breath

Mr M and I use garlic in pretty much every savoury dish that we make. And on the odd occasion when we don't use it, we find ourselves double checking that we haven't made a mistake because surely one can't cook a meal without garlic. "Is that what the recipe says? Yup. Hmm - I'm not sure. Check it again..."

Yesterday at Perch Hill, the bustling chef brought in a little appetiser for us all as we sat in class - a single chicory leaf with a spoonful of pureed beetroot, garlic, walnuts and bread crumbs. It was heaven. And seriously garlicky. And for the first time, in a very long time, I was conscious of having honky breath but, do you know what, it was worth it!


  1. I love the garlic. Even when garlic isn't called for you've got to chuck it in. It makes everything better!

  2. And surely it doesn't matter if everyone else has garlic breath, too :) K x

  3. I love garlic too. And I do put it in every dish that I cook. Guess it must be the French in me, but I've managed to get Boyfriend to love it too!