Thursday, 17 September 2009

S is for...

The sculpture trail at Wisley. I've always been drawn to fluid and tactile sculptures that remind me. So very Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore.
Seeds - some from Sarah Raven and some from the garden. The seed pods in the garden are such a delight at the moment.
The end of summer - spent at Wisley Flower Show. These photos were taken at their amazing trial beds.
Squash - as the nights draw in, far too rapidly for my liking, I can't get enough of this marvellous being.
So nearly the weekend. Ever feel as though you're wishing your life away by holding out for Friday?


  1. I find myself wishing whole weeks and months away just to get to the day I fly home...

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Will check back later for the photos, as they don't seem to be loading for me this morning. Hmmm...

    K x

  2. First 3 photos not loading up here either... and yes, friday has got to be the best day of the week - especially when it's the last one of the month (next week!!!) and management have kindly decided to give everyone a POETS day - Piss Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday!

  3. You are such a busy bee. You always seem to find the time to do such lovely things.

    We're going to start getting a weekly veg box soon. I'm hoping that we'll get a few squashes so I can experiment. Have you got any good recipes to share?

    Happy Weekend? x

  4. oh dear - I cannot see the first three photos! :( The squash looks good though! I've always planned to go to Wisley...I really should - it isn't too far away from my mother's house! xxx