Thursday, 15 October 2009

Emily Peacock

Hello! I've finally found some time to share my new project for the dark Autumnal evenings. Can you guess what it is?
I stumbled across Emily's website a little while ago and fell in love with her typographical designs. I'm a sucker for graphic design, typography and print. Don't get me started on Letterpress.

Now. I must confess something before I go on. I'm not really a tapestry type of gal. In fact, I've only ever started one, back in my teens, and it was a pair of lovebirds in lurid green. It was never finished. Enough said.

So, all in all, it seems rather peculiar that I had the urge to buy a tapestry. Particularly one that comes with a huge chart, which can only mean one thing. Concentration... Oh dear.
We made a beeline for her stand as soon as we'd negotiated our way into the Knitting and Stitching Show.
Within 10 minutes I was the proud owner of my lovely cushion to be, having had a nice chat with Emily and her friend. It's always funny to discover just how small the world really is. Anyway, this is what my cushion will hopefully look like.
And do you know what? This tapestry lark is addictive, although it's not exactly the quickest of crafts. I'd forgotten how long it takes to do just a small patch. But it's so therapeutic - it's actually just what I need to wind down post-work at the moment. It's going to look fab on the sofa. And if I really get the bug, there's a matching 'Kiss'.


  1. Lovely cushion. My Great Grandad used to do lot's. I did try when I was a teenager but aslo never finished it. I wish I had the concentration but same as cross stitch I can't sit down long enought to do either!

    Have a lovely weekend.


  2. That's a gorgeous cushion, it's great to have something to relax with after a long day at work.

    My Mum used to do loads of tapestry work but I never tried it. I might have to graduate slowly to tapestry!

  3. You've done loads already! Well done. I have set my sights on the rodeo one - here's hoping Santa might bring it. xx

  4. Cool - how does it work? Do you weave into a frame and then remove it to make the pillow?? I'm

  5. That's gorgeous! What a lovely autumnal pursuit. I love tapestry because it comes to life so quickly.

    Enjoy! x

  6. Oh this is so pretty! Look forward to seeing the finished result!

  7. I nearly ordered the 'In Bloom' kit last month when I stumbled across her website! Very much looking forward to seeing your finished cushion. And maybe we can have a cushion-a-long if you decide to do the second one!

    K x

  8. oh wow those are beautiful cushions.
    I've been looking for a nice tapestry to do for ages, so I'm buying both the hug and the kiss next week.
    Have to save up :)
    thanks for showing it to us,
    Kate xo

  9. Oh I am so excited to find someone making an Emily Peacock cushion - I really want to make them too so I am definitely going to be following your progress! I absolutely *love* her designs too, but am also finding it decidedly odd that I want to buy a tapestry. But I just can't stop thinking about it!! Hope it is coming along nicely :)

  10. I have nearly finished the "Hug", maybe a week of work to go :)

  11. Thanks for the photos. They've made me more confident about starting my Hug tapestry.

    The last time I did a tapestry was in my teens. I finished it and my mum's still go it but there's one little mistake that I can spot every time I look at it!