Monday, 16 November 2009

Stormy nights

The rain and wind has been relentless of late; tapping on the windows, licking around the frames. The storms have brought down all but the final stubborn leaves, making the chore of raking a light relief when it comes. Pickle takes the whistling and howling outside in her stride, although welcomed Mr M's company at 4:30am when it was truly whipping up.

Whilst waiting for my train (delays due to the wrong sort of weather) the clouds, in varying shades of grey, whizzed by overhead - an urgent delivery of rain and gloom somewhere North. Once in a while, they dared to show a glimpse of blue high above.

Unbeknown, I had my own storm brewing - a full blown migraine by the time I eventually arrived at work. One taxi ride later, I was tucked up in bed - every noise dictating the direction of my broken dreams. The sun streaming through the drawn blinds. Naturally.


  1. Oh no. Migraines are dreadful. Hope you're feeling better very soon. K x

  2. Hi there
    how wierd I had a migraine all last night, can still feel where it was this morning, they are a real nightmare aren't they? still at least mine don't last for days anymore they used to which was horrible. Hope yours is all better.
    Take care

  3. This is a lovely piece of writing.

    I hope your head feels better soon.

  4. I hope that you have now safely escaped from migraine misery.

  5. Hope you are feeling better and your head is feeling less stormy. Hope you and Pickle snuggled up in the warm.

    PinkCat x

  6. Sorry about your awful migraine but I really enjoyed your description of a stormy rainy night.