Sunday, 31 January 2010

How many did you spot?

Mr M diligently printed off the RSPB list.
One for him, one for me.
His allocated hour was this morning and he was soon ticking off the visitors (and adding some that weren't on the list).
When it came to my spot this afternoon, a pot of coffee at the ready, the birds were nowhere to be seen.
The bribe of new fat balls and fresh nuts did nothing.
I resorted to baking.


  1. Oh...that's too bad...well atleast you got something done!
    AND the food is there when they discover it!
    Love the printouts!!! Very cool.

  2. My kids have downloaded an app called Birds UK, which has a little info on the bird plus their call and song. I console myself that they are using this technology which I consider too old for them to "twitch" which is just right for little ones.