Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Time for...new boots

Recently, for some bizarre reason, quite a few of my much loved footwear have failed me - holes have appeared, rain has been let in, soles have worn through, zips have broken beyond repair and trainers have started to leave their own Red Arrows trail. Urgent replacements required.

Shoe shopping is not the pleasant experience that is bestowed upon the many. I have ginormous feet - which is a real pain in the proverbial. There have been too many humiliating moments in well-known shoe shops to recount. Shoe sales are the only way to minimise said humiliating situations. It has turned me into the Imelda Marcos of shoes - such is my glee when I find something that isn't beige, flat and 'comfy' or might be worn by Mr M, if he were that way inclined. I thought I would try my luck in the Clarks sale and bingo - I found my glass slipper in the form of these cloggy, clumpy boots. They're brilliant.

All I need to find now are some tall boots, trainers, flats...


  1. They look really nice and solid enough to keep you warm in this cold weather.

    PinkCat x

  2. I'm glad you found something that suits you!! I always find it difficult to buy shoes as well because I like to be able to walk in them confortably (duh) and can never work out if they're going to be ok or whether they're going to give me blisters till the end of time until it's too late and I've bought them. Such a pain!!

  3. My favourite ever pair of Vans have developed a hole. In the top of them which I can't figure out for the life of me.

    I once had a hilarious/mortifying incident in Schuh where I asked for size 8 pair of trainers (which I didn't think was that crazy, I am 5'10" after all) and the woman practically screamed across the shop that she'd have to get the "MEN'S SIZES OUT BECAUSE THAT'S TOO BIG FOR WOMEN'S."

    I laugh now but at the time I wanted to punch her in the face.

  4. I know how you feel on the shoe shopping front - completely sympathise! I am one fussy customer and I also have big feet! Glad you found your perfect shoe! xxx

  5. I know how you feel. I have oddly shaped feet that are terrible to fit. To avoid heartache, I always buy the same three brands of shoe...

    And you're not alone with failing footwear either. My favorite pair of Hunters just developed holes in the heels!

    K x

  6. And your new boots are fab! K x