Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Quick garden update for Mr M - 1#

The yellow tulips under the bay tree have almost, almost flowered, but the geranium is staying tightly budded for now. The cats have been made to sit on the naughty bench for fighting in the tulip bed.
The peas and beans have survived the mice. Pea top salad. Yum.
Onions and beetroots are rather enjoying the warmth and protection of the cloches. Miss P looks longingly through the plastic sensing the warmer climes.
The trays of lettuce have exploded. Nearly wiped out by the black cat jumping up to have a look Crisis narrowly averted. Miss P looked on in disdain.
Only one casualty in the garden so far. The tulip head has been taken by you-know-who. You can see their paw marks on the stem. I will be posting Miss P in the patch until they have all flowered.
That's it for now. All will be watered this afternoon. xxx


  1. Ah! Exciting stuff...although pesky beast eating your flowers! Dear oh dear! xxx