Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Where, oh where, has the last week gone?

Mr M returned but then flew off again
Bread was made - enough to open a small bakery
Birthday lunches were eaten - my grandpa turned 87!
Parks, garden centres and plant sales were visited
Tiny fox cubs were spied gamboling about at the end of the garden
The laptop was turned off, mobile phones ran out of battery
Our car broke down - the AA man fixed it with a hammer
Presents were given, absences felt
Curious bellinis were drunk - peach with balsamic vinegar...surprisingly pleasant
Filing was completed - our new storage ottoman is beyond pleasing
My rash is slowly getting better
Miss P was caught trotting back from our local park - perhaps she had been to play on the swings?
The lilac flowered, bulbs were planted and the alium heads staked
Fingertips were burned by picking up an oven hot tray - washing up is now officially on hold


  1. HaHa! Fabulous blog. Loved it lots and lots :)

  2. How lovely, even the burnt fingers seemed have worked out for the best! I love the idea of Miss P on the swings, did she have that guilty look all cats have when they are found out?!