Thursday, 3 June 2010

Pipe dreams

Hello! Hope you're enjoying the delightful sun today. I popped to the shops this morning on my bicycle, complete with basket. Thrilling on two counts - it was the basket's inaugural journey and I'd not been out on my own with the responsibility of D locks and the like. I did spend the shopping trip expecting to return to an empty bike stand, but was pleasantly surprised. Even the basket was still there. As a 'well done' treat, I managed to scrape together enough change for a bag of juicy cherries. Divine. I was even allowed to test the goods before buying - brilliant. My type of stall.

Yesterday afternoon I set about trying out the shortbread rings in the June issue of Country Living magazine. The recipe is seriously simple - icing sugar, flour, butter and baking powder.
They should have looked like this pretty little picture - all swirly and twirly.

Instead, they looked like this because my icing bag (poor tool choice) with medium (in icing not biscuit terms) nozzle exploded in a biscuity mess from the pressure. So, I present to you shortbread dollops. Light and delicious. Just don't spend too long looking at them.

Note to oneself, get a proper piping bag and appropriate nozzles. Sigh.


  1. Hehe! I love making these biscuits but have had so many fights with piping bags and nozzles that a lot of the time I use to dollop them as well. I finally found one that works and haven't made them!!! Your post has inspired me I think mmmmm

  2. Do you know I was going to make those very same biscuits tonight, but ran out of time. I was secretly dreading the icing bag part. But now I think I will be dollop-ping instead, as yours look delicious.

    Bertie x

  3. The biscuits do look delicious. I think I will give them a try to and I think the dollop looks much nicer. It gives them that rustic, informal look.

  4. I think they look lovely dolloped! Just let me know if you'd like to borrow my cookie press, but I really think dolloping is the way to go!

    K x

  5. Well they still look rather tasty to me! I hate using icing bags, I've never quite got the trick to make it work properly either!