Saturday, 19 June 2010

Ravishing radishes

These radishes are almost too pretty to eat. They are like giant, shiny beads that are just calling out to be strung on some ribbon around my neck. Although that would look a little barking. I wonder how long it would take for people to notice.

They make me want to play with them like marbles. Line them up. Roll them around.

The colours are almost too bright to be true - a little like those very odd blue carnations that you find at certain petrol stations which turn the water blue.

Mr M adores radishes. Absolutely loves them. Which is fortunate for him because I can't stand them. At all. Regardless of what Peter rabbit thought. I do try them each year, but my taste buds have yet to agree. So for now, I shall admire them for their outer beauty and manhandle them for creative shots and try to remember to take them off before leaving the flat...


  1. I'm not really a radish fan either especially when they get bit too big and really blow your head off, but someone suggested sauteing them in butter and I was really impressed. You still get the crunch and flavour but without the burning kick in the back of the head. I use them in stirfries and they work a treat.

  2. I'm not a big radish fan either, but those are so beautiful I'd be tempted to try again!

    K x

  3. I'm with you - pretty, but vile.

    That's a comment on the radishes, not either of us.