Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Not quite so morning glory

A little while ago, Mrs M Senior gave us a morning glory seedling. You see, she has the most incredible green fingers and takes cuttings whenever she can. Her potting shed is very impressive, although at this time of year does have to compete somewhat with Mr M Senior's peppers and chillies. I digress. The morning glory was very small, but excitingly it took in our garden (established plants are usually the only way with our shady plot) and the other day Mr M spotted two closed flowers on it. We were very excited. We thought that perhaps the trick was to catch them open in the morning. A moment to laugh at our literal thinking. Alas, we were not in luck for they had apparently bloomed in secret a day or two before when our attention was elsewhere - most likely on ice cream, lounging and cricket. Oh well. Their purple hues were still very pretty and complimented the dark purple clematis that has been flowering like billy-ho this year.

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