Saturday, 24 July 2010

Something blue

Today one of my closest friends is getting married. I can hardly believe the big day is here and that we were in Barcelona over a month ago.

I sent Miss C a little 'something blue' to pin to her dress earlier in the week. Blue silk on linen. Mine was a tiny blue ribbon from my mother's sewing box pinned to the underneath of my train. It's probably still there.

I've memorised my reading and am trying hard not to think about the pulpit, the microphone, the 150 guests or the 4th paragraph which makes my voice catch.

I think I may actually be more nervous than my own wedding day.

I finally get to wear the dress, with the matching bag, and I even found an appropriate nail varnish this afternoon called 'Elegant Mauve' that just about goes. I'm still undecided about whether to fascinate or not (which, incidentally, the lovely Miss C bought me last year). I might take it with me to the hairdressers - oh yes, in a last ditch attempt to look half decent in the photos I thought I would get my hair blow dried. Entirely out of character - my hairdryer is still in a box in the cellar from when we moved five years ago - but, you know, there's a first for everything.

All we need now is fantastic weather and lashings of waterproof mascara.

And tissues.

Anyone would think it was me getting married!


  1. Have a lovely day! I think I'm even excited for you! Good luck with your reading. I'm sure your dress will be fabulous and if the weather there is as nice as it is in West London just now, it will be a glorious day! x

  2. You're bound to feel nervous but I'm sure even paragraph 4 won't stop you enjoying every bit of the day. Love the dress.

  3. I am sure you will all have a lovely day.