Monday, 5 July 2010

A splash of summer

I am addicted to the scent of Verbena. For someone who can't eat citrus, I am oddly drawn to the sharp aroma. Traditional lemonade is just one of the things I miss. We first fell in love with Verbena when we stayed in Provence and found a bottle of Verbena shower gel in our room that was just bursting with the smell of summer. Mr and Mrs M Senior very kindly bought me this huge bottle of handwash as part of my birthday present. A splash of summer each time I wash my hands. Divine.


  1. Doesn't it smell devine? I received a Vebena gift set for my birthday and fell in love with the scent.

  2. The book I am reading at the moment (of Bees and Mist) has the mother of the main character whose scent of verbena is present whenever she is.

    Summer in a bottle. And I am all for the most indulgent handwash it is possible to buy.