Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Show + tell

Hope you had a lovely bank holiday. Did you see the sun on Saturday? We sat outside until the cloud descended and the breeze became too chilly to bear. We found ourselves hunkering down, enjoying pots of tea, Mr M's flapjacks and heart warming food. I finished my bookclub book and moved onto another that is equally compelling. Autumn has been creeping into the flat for the last couple of weeks - crisp leaves blowing through the kitchen door and the damp, earthy smell from the cellar. Soup recipes are being shortlisted, summer clothes discarded in favour of thick jumpers and the ancient boiler has been serviced. We're prepared. I've rather missed jacket potatoes and steamy windows.

One ever so comfy cat
One ever so warm neck thanks to a scarf fashioned from the softest cashmere waistcoat that Mum was going to carboot.
One ever so tasty filo pie full of homegrown chillies and courgettes, lamb and chickpea. Delicious.
Talking of filo - I can't believe yesterday was the first time we'd ever used it. So much fun. I want an excuse to use it again. We couldn't eat it all last night so we've now got half a pie left which has presented me with a quandary. You see, it has lamb from Saturday's stuffed courgettes which means it's been cooked once and reheated once (in said pie). From memory you shouldn't reheat meat twice. But then, I'm not so sure about eating it cold and I'm even more reluctant to throw it out because it was so darn tasty.

If you don't hear from me...blame the pie.

[Update - After much web perusing and a discussion with Mr M, I have scoffed my half cold. Despite reservations, it was still lovely. A dollop of mango chutney and mayo also helped!]


  1. What a beautiful cat!
    It's cool and crisp here today - I've got a new autumn coat to wear so this weather is ideal for me.

  2. mmmmm sounds lovely hot or cold!
    a beautiful, cosy cat, curling up for autumn is here!

  3. Do tell how you upcycled the cashmere waistcoat - it looks super cosy!

  4. It's definitely autumn! You can feel it in the air. That's why I've got some lamb out of the freezer to make a Shepherds Pie tonight. I love your scarf! x

  5. Funny you should post about your filo pie as I made one (own recipe) on Sunday with a tomato, feta, spinach and pinenut filling. Could have done with some of Mr M's flapjacks for afters.