Monday, 6 September 2010

Monday show + tell

1. Seasonal changes. 
 2. Treasure in the shadows.
3. Fragile fragments of nature.
4. Catching a breath.
5. Beautiful forms.
We spent some much needed time tidying the garden. It's funny how a little weeding and clearing can sometimes be just the ticket.

The chicken dhansak on Friday was scrummy - served up with shop bought chapati. There was a certain nip in the air last night so we made a huge Shepherds Pie which filled the flat with that wonderful warm and comforting smell that seems to give you a big hug. And there are leftovers for tonight - bliss.


  1. Lovely photos. Autumn is sidling in.

  2. Autumn seems to bring with it the very finest leftover opportunities!

  3. What wonderful images. I'm looking forward to fall!

  4. Lovely pics from the garden, and shepherds pie=YUMMY! I am getting that cosy feeling :)

  5. I like your show and tell - we had veg curry last night and it was perfect! It's getting dark so much earlier, you need comforting dinners to get you through it don't you?!

  6. Fab photos. Definitely starting to feel autumnal. K x