Friday 5 November 2010

C'est magnifique!

C'est vrai! This magazine has, over the years, had me traipsing around London (the only stockist I now know of is Selfridges), calling up various large bookstores (lots of spelling over the phone involved) and begging friends who pop over to France to bring me back a memento. And the fact that it isn't monthly, makes it all the more precious. My lovely sister ever so kindly got me a subscription for my birthday. And the first arrived today. Rather unexpectedly because I had ever so slightly forgotten about it.

The Winter issue can only mean one thing - Christmas and...knitting.

Knitted chandeliers...
And a bird box - naturally.
I have fallen in love with these little birds. They'd be perfect for Miss L's forthcoming nuptials - although 80 of them might be a bit of a stretch...but oh so memorable.
Happy days. Merci beaucoup, petite soeur. x


  1. Yes I love this magazine! Only discovered it when my Dad brought back a copy when he'd been over there at his house. He's now under strict instructions when he goes over there to gather me up copies!

  2. Agreed, the birds are incredible!

  3. Such a sweet birdhouse! and those little birdies are really lovely (and perhaps a bit more practical too!).
    Magnifique indeed!

  4. Oh you're so lucky! I was able to get a couple of copies when I went to France on holiday this summer, managed to get the summer and autumn editions - would love to see the xmas one though!

  5. Oooh fab. Hopefully I'll get a peep at Tracy's on Wednesday, as she has a subscription, too. I just wish I could speak French...! K x

  6. Oh, I love that birdbox!
    I often find that subscriptions to magazines are a great gift, and one that lasts all year long.

  7. Those little birds are delightful! xxx

  8. Fantastique!

    I've never seen this before and it looks ace.

    If only Borders hadn't closed down I might have found it there...

  9. oh, that issue looks lovely! i bought a copy in october in Paris after seeing it on your blog, i loved it, couldn't understand a thing, but the pictures are so beautiful and inspiring that i didn't mind a bit - plus it made me feel like a local sat on the metro 'reading' my french magazine!

    Cate, x