Sunday, 6 February 2011

And so it begins

We've had a lovely productive weekend in the garden - tidying the beds, uncovering early shoots, planting out new things and digging in mulch. I ache. A lot.

I spotted a beautiful crocus on Saturday - the first in the garden, merrily growing under cover - and joked with Mr M that it would probably be proud for only a couple of hours.
How right I was. Not only did they get that beautiful specimen but they munched their way through the ones that hadn't even made it to full bud.

It's rather early in the year for war to be declared, but declared it has been.

Hope you had a lovely one. Rather nice seeing the temperature in double figures (sorry Scotland).


  1. Lucky you. I'm itching to get into the garden but we're either having 80mph winds, -10 degrees or it's bucketing with rain. And a 39 week bump (baby allegedly due next week) doesn't help with the bending over either!

  2. You did well to brave the wind this weekend. I kept sticking my head out thinking I'd make a start on digging the beds over and just couldn't face it.

    You're very good! x

  3. I put in another 100 crocus at the end of last year, I know have 100 little holes in the garden - and it's snowing.

  4. You have been busy. It's far too cold and breezy here to spend longer than a couple of minutes in the garden (which is going to need a lot of work this year after the ravages of winter).