Thursday, 24 February 2011

Meadham Kirchhoff A/W 2011

 VIP seats. We were the row behind...*sigh*
Old Billingsgate - a beautiful venue
 Mrs C
 An army of models
Fast, furious and spellbinding

Non-conformist to the very last letter. Champagne and vegetarian curry. A collaboration with Penhaligons. Flowers, memorials and an eclectic crowd. Incredible outfits, models walking to double time. So fast, the majority of my shots are a blur. Over in the blink of an eye, still being talked about 48 hours later.

Spotted - one knitted jumper with a witch and broomstick motif. Brilliant. 

Red is definitely going to feature in our wardrobes come October.

I have absolutely loved London Fashion Week. Am really rather sad that it's all over. What an experience. Hope you've enjoyed my little adventure. The final part will be a quick dash tomorrow after work to London Fashion Weekend.

Come Saturday it's back to baking, knitting and crochet - oh yes, you read correctly, crochet...

1 comment:

  1. I loved your adventure. My Dad used to go London Fashion Week every time and I was always so jealous. It was great to have a personal insight to it again.

    This one looks like an amazing location - very inspiring.

    I have to see I think Sam Cam is super glam (in a very conservative way). I wouldn't mind having the pick of her wardrobe.

    Now what do I have that's red? x