Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The National Gallery

I've been here quite a lot recently. I popped into the Bridget Riley exhibition last week. Although limited to one room, the scale of the pieces are really quite something and the colours positively zing.


  1. You're very lucky to be a able to get there so frequently. I hear great things about the Bridget Riley exhibition so think I will have to make the effort to pop in.

    Mr P worked at the NG for six years and we were able to visit the paying exhibitions for nothing during that time which was great. Now we just try to sneak to get his old colleagues to give us ticket.

    But it's such a great place whether you're seeing the touring exhibitions or the standard 'stock'. I love it. x

  2. I've been there twice this year, which is two times more than most years. I only had two minutes the last time - just enough time for a quick peer at Bacchus and Ariadne.