Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Meadham Kirchhoff - crazy cats

Powder puffs, a Courtney Love dancing troupe performing the can-can, a little group of ballerinas bursting with pride in their red ballet pumps and Anna Wintour (hidden behind a balloon column, and pointed out to me once I got back to the office - gah!).
Their shows always deliver when it comes to debate and this was no exception. It was difficult to decide which part of the show to watch - the dancers or the models. A riot of pastels delivered for Spring/Summer 2012, in typical MK style, and dedicated to Tavi. This was quite literally the pink icing on the cake - I wasn't expecting to go, but was given a last minute ticket and dashed there during lunch. I almost didn't go - but am so pleased that I did.

One last fashion event to go (I've won a competition to go to a special Telegraph shopping event at the Matches townhouse in Marylebone - all the more comedy as I am one of the least fashionable people I know. In fact, I wore Hobbs again today...so you can imagine my traumas for Thursday) and then normal business will resume in the M household. Baking, WI and crochet.

By the way - just spotted this British online magazine (thank you Tea for Joy). Rather liking. Am popping it in this post to remind me to read it when I have a mo.

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