Sunday, 23 October 2011

Not enough

The cliches of hours and days ring true at the moment. Weekdays are a blur with time spent at home to eat and sleep - and not much else.

Weekends have become our focus. Monday is spent ruing the loss of the weekend just gone, Tuesday wishing Friday was nearer, Wednesday spent sighing that we're almost there, and Thursday just hanging in there with an extra glass of something to help. Friday itself whizzes by until I turn off my PC and head for Waterloo long after everyone else.

Weekends are a blur of catching up - chores, family and friends.

Last weekend, we popped down to Wiltshire to visit my Grandpa. A glorious day on all counts - we had a delicious lunch at The Beckford Arms (I want to move in), discovered a never-ending Antiques shop and helped clear the garden in preparation for Winter, netting ourselves a huge bag of eating apples and pears in return and the beautiful hydrangea stem you see here. Mr M then magically turned the apples into pies for the freezer - marvellous.
This weekend, we cooked up a storm - Hugh's Root Vegetable Boulangere from the October Waitrose magazine with some token sausages last night and some scrummy lamb shanks cooked in white wine this evening. Chores both inside and out were ticked off the list, as Miss P soaked up the rays, and I had some much needed catch up time with a couple of friends.
I also had a little Blue Peter fun this evening with the WI Christmas invitations - all it took was a printer, Stanley knife, eraser and some ink.
I recently resigned from my WI committee (see opening paragraph...), so these are one of the last few things on my to do list. Four more and then I'll be able to close that guilty door...just a couple more doors left to shut.


  1. I think you need a sit-down & a glass of vino!

  2. I was just thinking the same, If only I could have a couple more hours in the day I could do at least half of the things I need to/should do!!

    Back on that Monday treadmill again xx

  3. I too am needing more time and sleep and everything at the moment. And I'm eating a lot of apples. And I've made Hugh's Root Vegetable bake thing a couple of times - very pleased with that!

    Next weekend I'm officially doing nothing. And until then I'm dreaming of doing nothing and trying to drink enough coffee to make it there!

  4. Ah yes - the guilty door. Mine is still a bit too far open for my liking....but having had a whole weekend in the garden, at least that one is shutting itself quietly!