Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Apple crumble sponge

This is the view from my Grandpa's house. Spot the apples. So juicy and sweet, they have a beautiful rose blush. We were lucky enough to come home with a bag full when we visited the other week.

Determined to use the final few, I decided to have a go at Eric Lanlard's Apple crumble sponge cake. Can you believe it's a year since I went on his baking course? This one was so easy to make - whip up the cinnamon sponge, slice the apples and make the crumble. Pop in the oven for 45 minutes and take a moment to marvel at just how wonderfully Autumnal baking cinnamon smells.
I used a tin liner - like these from Lakeland, although I got mine from the 99p shop down the road. What a marvellous invention to reduce the time spent on washing up. I'm all about the practicalities.
Absolutely delicious. Even nicer with cup of tea.

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