Saturday, 3 December 2011

No. 3

A button wreath made at our WI Christmas craft evening back in October. Quite addictive to make.

This is the first photo from the new camera. So many options and functions. Wish they'd provided a printed manual rather than a pdf!
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  1. Love the button wreath! I know what you mean about cameras, I probably only know how to operate about 30% of mine! Sarah x

  2. I'm really enjoying your advent posts. That is a beautiful wreath.

    I don't even think I've bothered to look at my camera manual in the nine months since the camera was bought! x

  3. Pretty wreath. I had the same problem with my camera but found someone on the web who did printed versions for something like a tenner, which would probably be cheaper than a diy version. Not that I've read it, but at least I have it!