Thursday, 12 January 2012

New year, new issue

My heart sings when Marie Claire Idees arrives through the door. A super subscription from my marvellous sister. She's a French teacher - I, on the other hand, am very far from being fluent. I did however pass my 'Allo, allo' GCSE with flying couleurs*. C'est la vie.

* For those non-British readers, a brilliant comedy set in WWII France vhere zhey spok vith ze Franche aczent. As an impressionable 8 year old, I expected everyone in France to speak English vith ze Franche aczent - apparently not...ahem.


  1. Love Allo Allo!! We have the boxset!

  2. I used to subscribe, but the magazine seemed to go off the boil a bit a year or two ago so I stopped. Should I begin again?