Monday, 23 January 2012


I had a day off. 
I attacked the wardrobe and cleared out another bag for charity.
I recycled our collection of dry cleaning wire hangers and spare plastic bags.
I pottered around the local charity shops and added to the bookshelves.
I paid in a cheque that's been pinned to our noticeboard for months. 
I made a carrot cake - currants and raisins instead of nuts and sultanas.
I caught up on email.
I stumbled across this foraging calendar at Howies.
I had an early supper.
And I've still got time to spare before my WI meeting. 

Note to self - must have more days off.


  1. Days off are great for general catching-up-sessions aren't they...(you've reminded me to dig out a cheque that's hiding somewhere in the dreaded-to-do-pile)

  2. Days off are wonderful, and that cake looks absolutely delicious!