Sunday, 25 March 2012


A weekend spent catching up on chores, spending time with family and friends and enjoying the delightful weather.

Saturday was spent doing chores and then jumping in the car to South London for lunch in a country pub with Mr M's family. It took us forever to get there, but the traffic jams were worth it. It felt as though we were in Devon. Fields of horses, locals with their dogs, cyclists quenching their thirst and light aircraft flying high above overhead. Ham, egg and chips with a cold lager* was just the ticket.

We cheated slightly with lunch today by buying a rotisserie chicken from Waitrose. I'm all for short cuts if it means spending more time catching up with friends. That said, I did quickly bake a sponge base which I then piled high with whipped cream (finally managed to get it just right) and fresh berries. Master R (almost 3) was incredibly excited as strawberries are apparently his favourite and he would like a strawberry cake for his birthday 'thankyouverymuch'.

Rather excitingly we played a new garden game, Kubb, courtesy of Mr G. It's brilliant. Frankly, anything that involves throwing wood at other bits of wood gets the thumbs up from me. The more vino was poured, the better we got - which is always amusing. It was just great fun to be outside in the fresh air. I had a slight hankering for a game of French cricket or perhaps an energetic game of rounders. I'm quite pleased that I didn't voice my idea as my arms are aching dreadfully thanks to a lot of enthusiastic lifting and twirling of my niece yesterday and Master R today. Silly.

We've clearly had far too much fresh air and sun. Mr M has been fast asleep at the dining table for the last half hour and I've got very rosy cheeks (or should that rosé cheeks?). Time for bed.

* And yes...Switzerland broke my alcohol-free month. On the plus side it has broken the routine that I had fallen into. 

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