Sunday, 8 July 2012

Crab and avocado wild rice salad

We had the lovely K and S over for dinner last night where we experimented with Jamie's sort-of-30 minute jerk chicken, black bean rice and Rachel Khoo's raspberry almond tart, drank copious amounts of wine and had a jolly good catch up.

After a lazy start to our Sunday we raided the fridge to throw together some lunch. We found a bowl of leftover black bean rice and a couple of other bits and ended up with this rather delicious concoction.

Bowl of leftover black bean rice (wild rice mix, black beans, spring onions, cinnamon stick, chicken stock)
Ripe avocado
Small tin of crab meat
Half a red pepper
Dijon mustard salad dressing (Dijon mustard, extra virgin olive oil and cider vinegar)

Mix together and serve with green salad leaves, bread and a glass of chilled white.

Would be perfect on a hot summer day or as a starter. Those hot days in May seem so long ago, don't they? We had an incredible rain storm this evening just after 8 - looks like this weather is here to stay for the next week or so.


  1. That looks lovely - I am new to crab (for years I had a shellfish aversion). So I have not tried tinned crab - I will purchase a tin and experiment. I love the Jamie 30 minute book - I know it's never really 30 minutes but so far all the recipes have been lovely.

  2. That sounds lovely, how inventive of you!