Monday, 3 September 2012

Fresh from the market...

Hope you had a lovely weekend. We popped to Kingston market on Saturday to pick up paper bags full of fresh, wonderful things to eat. I absolutely love going to the market to buy our meat and veg for the week. Such an economic way to buy food - where else can you pick up an entire tray of mushrooms for £2.50? Or two large chickens for £10? Where you get to hear brilliant sayings like - "If you've got the hump, try some rump." Sad that it's such a novel thing these days, but there you go. 

Saturday night
Lamb and mint sausages (courtesy of the market butchers) with a spicy couscous mix of red pepper, spring onion, garlic, courgette, fennel, tomatoes, apricot, coriander and spices.

Sunday lunch
Roast chicken with a hint of Morocco - chicken (from said market butchers - they really are fab) with chickpeas, aubergine, fennel, courgette, ginger, garlic, onion, fresh figs, red pepper and spices. Fried okra on the side with leftover couscous.  


  1. Markets are great and it is so good there are still some around as they are so much better to shop at than any of the big supermarkets!

  2. Your Sunday lunch sounds divine. I love that my family eat together, but sometimes I long to cook things that I know would not be child-friendly.