Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The river at night

Golden in the light cast by the road lamps. Too dark to spot the bats. Pitch black in the shadows.

We were out to watch the RNLI flotilla - masses of boats moored, with the boat folk sharing dinner along trestle tables by candle light. A slight Chocolat flash back - but certainly not as balmy, and no sign of Roux. In fact it was bitter. By the time we'd walked home, I was chilled to the bone and ended up sleeping in my new fluffy dressing gown*.

* I'm very excited about this purchase. For once, I managed to actually use my discount card from The White Company. I've not had a dressing gown for years and this was the softest and most sumptuous I could find. And with 15% even better! No more morning chills. Heaven.

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