Sunday, 27 January 2013


My first of the year from the lovely Kate. I've popped some of them on the kitchen windowsill alongside the herbs. The rest of the ginormous bunch are in a large pitcher in the conservatory.

Hope you had a lovely weekend. Kate and her hubby came for lunch - Mr M cooked Jamie's pork tacos (not quite so 15 minutes, but delicious none the less) - and we talked houses, our grand plans and theirs. I had a go in the new car - I've not driven for yonks, so it was a little nerve-wracking but fine. Automatics are just like driving dodgems, aren't they? We're going to hit the busier roads next weekend - gulp. Mr M laid boards in the loft and discovered even more wasp nests and I found wallpaper that might work in the cupboard toilet - what do you think? Miss P discovered the duvet as it aired and created her own nest. Lovely. Can you believe January is almost over? Where has it gone?

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