Monday, 15 July 2013

All is well with the world

Mr M has returned from his week long business trip to California. Whilst he's been away I've had an enjoyable week pottering around the house. It's been such a long time since he was last away - the first since we moved in here. I'd forgotten how much I like my own company. I had a very decadent evening where I took myself off to bed at 8:30 - it was still light, and oddly comforting. I used to love going to bed in the summer and reading Mallory Towers in the yellow hue (long before the days of black out blinds). I had a whole week off the vino which was rather lovely, although I did treat myself to a glass or two of Rose today to toast his return. I diligently watered the garden every night to make sure that nothing died (I missed one pot - hidden by a fern - sloshed it with water today and it's perked back up - phew). I didn't once resort to scrambled egg on toast. Miss P only pined for one day and managed to bring home just the two presents and make one new foe (fighting through the glass of the conservatory and locked cat flap was a sight, and sound, to behold). I got my foot strapped up (pad, painkillers, frozen peas) and had a dreadful reaction to Corsodyl gel (ouchy mouth sores). I only forgot Miss P's lunch once, luckily before I'd parked at the station. I did the weekly shop before 10:30. I ate too much nutella - dipping skinny breadsticks into it is like a grown up version of Choc-dip pots. I tried to treat Miss P's eye using the towel trick - I failed.

Equilibrium has been restored for he is back. And he knows how to do the towel trick.

As an aside, have you discovered Bloglovin'? As always I'm a tad slow to the party, but I've just downloaded the app and am smitten. It's a great replacement for Google Reader. Am sure the other replacements are great too...

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